We're all pretty excited here in Motown about our beloved Detroit Tigers. It's been 22 years since we've been to the classic of fall classics, the World Series β€” and people have gone so cracker-jack crazy over our "boys" β€” DaimlerChrysler decided it'd be a good idea to get a piece of that PR action themselves. The German-American hybrid's paired themselves up with local NBC affiliate WDIV, and gone and redecorated their lame-mobile PT Cruiser in full ballgame uniform β€” minus cleats. The result is a car they've named the "WDIV Tigers Cruiser" that for this week and next, even we'd be pleased as punch to call our own. Knowing the Chrysler folks, this'll probably end up becoming next year's Woodward Dream Cruise Edition PT. Come on Chrysler Group β€” we're still waiting on our orange and blue Tigers / Jalopnik Dodge Charger SRT8!

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