Buying cars on a budget is tough. You have to account for what you can afford, how practical it is and whether or not it’ll blow up on your way to work. Having said that, this Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t any of those things and it’s simply spectacular in every way. If you disagree, we can take it outside.

This 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo is what happens when the plot of Need For Speed Underground is taken as gospel. It’s the SEMA-tastic styling that turns everyday exotics like a me-too Lamborghini into something that would allow passage to any nightclub in the country, and possibly the world.

While the car isn’t cheap, it is a clean modified Lamborghini that sets itself apart from any other, which should cost a premium. This isn’t a Duraflex eBay bodykit on a Nissan Sentra, but a SVR-G kit made entirely out of carbon fiber. While it does mean that a fender bender would be incredibly expensive, the car looks every bit of its six figure price tag.


While some people would run away screaming because someone other than The Holy Lamborghini Dealer turned a wrench on this car, but if it checks out mechanically, this clean, relatively low mileage example should make for an amazing car you can cart around to shows, one redline shift at a time. Here’s an excerpt from the description:

First, and most importantly, the car has had a Super Veloce SVR-G full Aero kit fitted and installed. This is one of the ONLY SVR-G kits in the world, and the only one in the United States. This kit is comprised a complete front bumper, front Carbon fiber lip, front bumper side blades, carbon fiber side skirts, complete rear bumper, complete carbon fiber rear center diffuser, and a swan neck carbon fiber wing. This kit alone, transforms the LP560-4 from another Gallardo, to essentially a SUPER TROFEO on the streets. To accent the kit, the car has a set of ADV.1 5.0 CS Series Monoblock forged wheels. These are probably the most expensive wheels in the world, and have shed ay excess fat making them unbelievably light. They were just refinished in Prismatic Powder’s “Flatter Black” to go with the menacing look of the vehicle. These wheels are wrapped in near new Hankook Ventus tires. The vehicle also received SuperLeggera Carbon Fiber side mirrors, as if there wasn’t enough carbon there to begin with! A Swift Racing Spring Upgrade was done on the vehicle to lower the car. The car is very low, but luckily with a little premeditated thinking, good driving, and the amazing Nose Suspension lift, the car can be driven daily. Lastly, the calipers were painted in Arancio Borealis to match. The roof of the vehicle has been wrapped in 3M Satin Flat Black to give it the “Bicolore” look, which fits this cars menacing custom shape so well.


I’ll go out on a limb and say - without checking my bank account- that I can’t afford this car right now. I probably won’t be able to afford it tomorrow either. But I still want it more than I feel comfortable in expressing. The Gallardo’s shape is so muted that in its stock form, it needs something to make it pop. This kit, wheel, and suspension does that, as well as makes it snap and crackle. That was used-car-dealer-level cereal humor, people. If I were to wake up and find an extra several zeros on the business end of my checking account balance, I’d buy this without worrying about where my next meal will come from. Hell, I need to lose a few pounds anyway.

For the lucky few in the market for a starter exotic, you can do a lot worse than a Lamborghini that is actually aesthetically deserving of its namesake.

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