Black Magic Cab: The Volkswagen Santana

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Besides Chinese people and hazy air, the most common sight in Shanghai simply has to be Volkswagen Santana taxis. Based on the B2 Passat, the Chinese Santana is essentially a long-wheelbase Quantum, filling roughly the same role in PRC society that the Crown Victoria does in the US. In '91, the Santana was upgraded to Santana 2000 spec, and the Santana 3000 (the first car to be developed by Shanghai Volkswagen) followed in '04. Nevertheless the O.G. Santana remains on sale. Think of the B2 as VW's Panther platform. Meanwhile, scope the gallery of Santanas going about their business on the streets and avenues of Pudong. And yes, we said Pudong.


Making Things With Light: The VW Gala in Shanghai [Internal]



Man, you guys are the equivalent of the goofy but well-meaning Japanese tourists that flock Times Square taking pictures of literally everything, then going home and huddling around the coffee table telling their relatives about "those gaijin weirdos!"