Bimmer Blow: BMW's Group US Sales Drop 11%

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Oh, the Quandts must be slamming their bier steins and roast oxen down on the castle floor this day. German carmaker BMW AG reported group passenger car sales in the US fell to 25,673 vehicles in August, an 11% drop year to year. That slide follows a 3% increase in group sales in the first eight months of the year. Broken out, the BMW brand actually rose 5% year-to-date, though Mini sales dropped 8% in the same period. In August, however, BMW brand sales dropped 12%, while Mini tanked to the tune of 11%. In Mini's defense, it's sitting on an outgoing model (its only one). In BMW's, the new 3-Series line has yet to be fully in place, and it's nursing a lame-duck X5 generation and an ill-received 6-Series. But enough apologies; who's first for the floggings?

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