Billetproof 2007: Great Trophies, or Greatest Trophies?

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Trophies at bowling leagues and the ten million other throw away events held across this great nation are often a study in sameness. Plastic base, gold-plated plastic pedestal, fake wood/metal pillar, all topped off with a tiny gold man in the act of *insert here*. At Billetproof, much like everything else, they are high art. A flaked sprayer for best paint and a primered insect sprayer for best primer - now that's clever. How about the catastrophically melted piston head for best burn out? Axe and hacksaw in the "Best Basher" category? There's something to be said when even an events' trophies make us swoon. Check out the gallery for complete ogling.


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Those look like the goof-off trophies we made up in college. The one we made for our favourite professor was made from a crankshaft from a late 80s 2.0l cavalier.

It came from a buddies car and was remarkable because the thrust main had completely worn out and the crank was gouged about an 1/8 inch along the side of the main on the crank. Whenever the clutch was pushed in, you could hear the crank hitting the block.

The trophy ended up pretty cool, we welded on a timing chain from a Ford mod motor and assorted small block chevy valves. Then scribed all our names on it. We kept the flywheel on as a base.