Monomaniacal life enthusiast and occasional rally driver Bill Caswell returns to the scene of his Rally Mexico triumph to once again astound the men (and make swoon the women) of Mexico in his beater BMW. It's been a typically Caswell-ian wild start. Here's the voice message Caswell just left me about it.


To know Bill, is to love him, and to love him is to find yourself in your mom's garage at 3 am helping him transplant an engine. Or, if you're his loving fiancee, to put up with a suitor who frequently disappears. Or, if you're me, to endure phone calls (your editor has cagily avoided) he promises will be "just one minute" that stretch on for hours.

I was on a plane this morning so I missed this unusually brief message from Bill, who does a better job of summarizing his adventures than I would have. Enjoy this short glimpse into his fire hose.

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