Big Story Of The Day: Gas Prices

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Want to know what the story around the water cooler's going to be today? It should be pretty obvious to anyone who doesn't live in either New York City or a cave. Those are the only two places you can escape the obvious skyrocketing price of gas over the past few weeks. Prices have gone from high to levels reaching the heights of the ozone layer, now averaging $3.07 a gallon. And what do we expect, there's been no increase in global refinement capacity in a decade, and despite the recent five-day drop in oil prices it's not like the long-term cost for oil's going anywhere but up. So what's going to solve the problem? Our best guess is that we've got to cut the crap surrounding the issue and do what needs to be done — get the commuters off of the road pronto, and leave the real driving — and the real cheap gas — to the enthusiasts and those of us who love to drive.

U.S. Gasoline Prices Surge to Record Average of $3.07 Per Gallon [AP via CNBC]

Question of the Day: How Much Are You Paying For Gas? [internal]

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I don't think that the main problem is China, or the middle east crisis blah blah blah.

It's the damn futures market and all the Wall Street speculators. All these bastards hedging their cash against crude and gasoline are artificially raising the prices.

ANY news about the middle east or china and these retarded monkeys start jumping up and down screaming BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY!!! Once you start one monkey screaming, then all the others start screaming too. And the result? $800/barrel of oil. All because some hedge-fund douche decided that because one of the Saudi Arabian oil princes stubbed his toe on a dead prostitute, that means that he's going to limit supply by a gallon that day, thereby raising the market price by $0.0001 a barrel. Ugh. Speculators. Damn them.