Big Gulp Capacity More Important Than Fuel Economy, Says Forbes

While we are reporting daily on alternative energy and fuel-economy, it seems we should really be writing about cup holders, because that is what you, the public, truly care about in a vehicle. Sure, fuel economy has risen exponentially from four years ago, but CNW Marketing Research says that concern about gas consumption doesn't even stand a chance against "interior conveniences," which include heated seats and yes, cup holders.


In a recent study, CNW found that the interior conveniences held a higher priority, at 73 percent importance, than fuel efficiency, which came in at 67 percent. See? This is what Al Gore was talking about! [Forbes]


Ash78, voting early and often

The worst are the cupholders on the left side of the wheel, above the driver's knee. To me, that's the ultimate in laziness, poor ergonomics, and plain idiocy. "If we put the headlight switch on the stalk, we can offer the driver a THIRD location for his beverage!" Case in point was a rental Chevy Classic (née Malibu).

People are stupid.

But I also see some statistical mess in here. Sure, interior might be the #1 single feature among the choices. And many people might think that by checking "fuel economy", they are willing to sacrifice everything else for that (plus, it implies econobox). It's a little confusing.