Big Brother Britain Takes It Up a Notch

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Dear old Blighty, why you gotta keep your TV-eye on me? Oh wait, I don't live there. And that's probably for the best, because car blog 4Drivers Only points us to an article in the UK's Independent that outlines exactly how Brits will have their privacy decimated like a stray kidney pie at the Crufts Dog Show. It appears the royal subjects will be subject to a new, national surveillance system that records the movements of all vehicles, all the time. The network of cameras will send pictures of all things driven and velocitous to a central database where the data will be held for at least two years. The lord government, as you'd suspect, made it all.

Every Get The Feelin' You Was Bein' Watched? [4Drivers Only]

Top Traffic Cop Wants Broad Surveillance Network in the UK [internal]


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