Big Brit Brother: Speed Braggart Tracked Down on Forum, Busted

British tabloid The Sun snitched on a Vauxhall forum member who posted a picture of his speedo reading 150 mph, sending him into the arms of Johnny Law. The man allegedly broke the speed in his Vauxhall VX220. Apparently, the guy also posted his phone number and registration info on the forum, giving the bobbies a bit too much information for his own good. Now, the Murdoch narrow-sheet is doing its own bragging about its role in nabbing the 27-year-old "speed nut." Wot, none of the royals are wearing Nazi garb to the shops this week? Damnable!

Antgtv Has Been Caught By Police For 150mph Photos, - Story in The Sun [ via The Sun and Carscoop]


A Speeding Ticket Waits At The End Of YOUR Rainbow, Scofflaw! [internal]

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