Beware The Bug-Erceptor: Johnny Law's Cutest Cruiser

While some departments are abandoning the Ford Interceptor in exchange for at least a couple of Dodge Chargers, officials in Blount County, Tennessee have gone a different route. Seized in a DUI case (LiLo?), this 1973 Volkswagen Beetle seemed to be the perfect cruiser. It's got a low operating cost, decent fuel economy and darn if it ain't cute. Wouldn't you want to get tasered by someone driving this?


Most of the parts for the car were taken off of defunct cruisers or are old broken units (the radar guns don't work) so that the the cost of the vehicle was only about $400 to the Sheriff's department. Though the vehicle has been used on a few emergency calls, its primary use is for parades and other public relations events. We'd like to see more of these, if only for the novelty of being able to outrun a cop car in a Chevy Aveo. [Source: LineOfDuty, Photo: Robert Wilson, Knoxville News]

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