While I believe there's nothing wrong with the looks of a Ferrari F12, even your most annoying neighbor can have one in exchange for about $320,000. That's not the case with Touring Superleggera's brand new Berlinetta Lusso.

If you missed your chance to buy one of their shooting brake Bentley Continentals or wonderful Alfa Romeo Disco Volantes, pull yourself together because Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera will build five of these F12s paying homage to the first series-produced car from Maranello: the Ferrari 166 MM Touring. MSRP? GTFO.


All you need to know is that it still has a 740 horsepower Ferrari V12 that can melt your ears, time and space, but now comes wrapped in hand-beaten aluminum panels.

Now would be the right time to start drooling...

What would be your choice of color?

Photo credit: Touring Superleggera