Do you want to vault into the ranks of the most insane Project Car Hell Poster Children, while spending only 500 bucks? We've got just the car for you!

It's a Yugo GV with a Sawzall Caminoization job, but that's just the beginning. You know that wheezing, underwhelming 1100cc engine that Zastava put in the Yugo? Forget that boat anchor! You get the 1500cc out of a Fiat Strada (aka Ritmo) when you buy this car, and that's not all- check out that homemade intake manifold and brace of four motorcycle carbs! And when it comes time for turbocharging, you'll have a head start with the Volvo intercooler already installed. We say you need to rush straight to Washington State and buy this car (go here if the listing disappears) right now!