Best Buy "Geeks" don't like being underestimated

The general consensus yesterday was that bringing your Lamborghini Murcielago to Best Buy is a horrible idea. Not everyone agrees. Meet Colby Stockbrine of Pensacola, Florida. He's a Best Buy tech and he sent me this response.


MECP stands for Mobile Electronics Certified Professional. It is run the by the CEA and provides uniform certification for aftermarket mobile electronics installers. MECP Master is the highest certification you can get, there are only about 200 in the world. I believe somewhere around 95 of them work at Best Buy, me being one of them. I have worked on everything from 1950's Plymouths, to brand new Benzes and Porchses. Get your facts straight before you write an article bashing Best Buys installers, you goon.

I think "goon" is the nicest pejorative label I've ever received. Good for you, Colby, but what about the techs at the other 1,000 stores?

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