Bernie Ecclestone Thinks He's Tony Soprano

F1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone has some advice for his teams: "If they come in here with a gun and hold it to my head, they had better be sure they can fucking pull the trigger."

The threat came in response to a threat from Renault and McLaren, who vowed not to send their cars to the Australian Grand Prix if Bernie didn't cough up some money the two teams said they were owed. In response, Ecclestone pulled out the big gun and called up the freight companies to cancel the shipments.


Said Ecclestone: "So I said what I'd better do is cancel the aircraft obviously. It costs a fortune to charter those things and almost as much to cancel them."

The cars were shipped and it appears the teams blinked first as few believe Ecclestone coughed up the funds. This is just more proof that what happens behind the scenes in F1 is going to continue to generate more press than what actually happens on the track so long as Herr Mosley and Bernie remain in charge.

Photo Credit: The F1 Blog

[The Times via AutoSport]

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