Always controversial F1 owner Bernie Ecclestone's holiday card depicts a cartoon of F1's even more controversial rulemeister Max Mosley whipping F1 team members, with Bernie brandishing band-aids for their red rear ends. Seriously? Yes.


The story everyone talked about in F1 was Max Mosley's reported nazi-style sex scandal, so Bernie decided a holiday card highlighting the horror would be the best route. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

Bernie's not one to avoid controversy with his personal holiday cards. Last year, the F1 CEO poked fun at the McLaren-Ferrari spy scandal, depicting a nervous Ron Dennis being handed a gift-wrapped present by former chief designer Mike Coughlan. But this year's cartoon takes things to an entirely different level.


The card cartoon allegedly shows Mosley whipping the member of an F1 team next to a monitor wearing fishnets and high heels. Other F1 members are depicted with "sore bottoms" so, you know, the usual Christmas message. We haven't actually seen the card so this is all "reported" — but if you've got one in your inbox or seen one in a forum please send it this way. Zank you! (Hat tip to Autophiles!)

[Source: F1 Live]