In a world of contrasts, where mild-mannered southern governors perpetrate dastardly deeds of international intrigue, it's not shocking but still plenty cool to find a Bentley-badged chopper at your neighborhood car meet.

Ford has had a Harley Davidson Edition of their F-series pickup for years, but it's rare to find an automotive brand being applied to something you'd see in the pages of In The Wind, much less that brand being luxury maker Bentley. But somebody thought that it would be a good idea, and decided to put some Mulliner in their motorcycle. The paint looks like an approximation of Bentley's Cypress Green, and the saddle is covered in buttery-soft hide. While the badge bespeaks of the Flying B, the chrome-laden V-Twin belches out though open pipes with a decided American accent. Regardless, we think it works together pretty nicely, and is just the thing to transport your sturgeon roe to Sturgis.