Believe It Or Not, This Isn't A Ferrari

We know, it goes against all your better judgment and years of finely honed automobile identification expertise, but we're prepared to shock you with the knowledge that this vehicle is in fact not a Ferrari.


Yes, it's true. This vehicle was not born in the Italian countryside, and its owner does drink deeply from the fine tradition of race-honed thoroughbreds. This car is in fact a Saturn Sky.


Pick up your drink and/or clean off your monitor, we were shocked, shocked by the revelation ourselves. This charlatan thought he could pull one over by plastering Ferrari's prancing horse logo all over the vehicle and even appropriated the "Spyder" moniker for the hind end. We should have known — especially as the owner didn't even have the decency to take the "GM" badge off the rocker panel. Have you no shame sir? (Thanks for the tip Josh)

[Quattro World]

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