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A Pakistani man was so inspired by the United Arab Emirates's upcoming independence day that he created a rolling tribute by gluing thirty-three thousand of the nation's coins onto his son's 1998 Camaro.

Creator Tarek Javid intends the car, named "Pride of the Emirates," to be a gift to the people of the small-but-wealthy political entity (Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of those emirates) as it celebrates forty years since the British government packed and left the keys. The project has taken over a year and about $5700 of Emirates currency to complete. It's not a uniform disco ball effect, either; Javid laid out a map of the country in coins on the car's roof, among other intricate details.


No word on what the car's current weight is, but there's a full twenty pounds of glue holding those coins in place so we can safely assume that the performance envelope has shrunken significantly. Also unclear is whether the son gave permission for this to be done in the first place. On the other hand, past the car's pricelessness as an objet d'art, the coins may have more than doubled its value.

Photo Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

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