Behold 'ICE RAM' And The Other Awesome Fast 8 Snow Vehicles

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just posted a picture of his Fast 8 character’s vehicle: a Ram truck on treads with what looks like a weaponized farm implement hanging off the back. Looks like the studio released a few more vehicle shots from the Icelandic snow scene as well.

“When its time to save the world in the snow, Hobbs becomes the Abominable Iceman in his ICE RAM,” writes Johnson.


“Hobbs” of course being his Fast & Furious character Luke Hobbs, Diplomatic Security Service agent who was originally charged with hunting down Vin Diesel/Dom Toretto and company in Fast 5, then teamed up with them to fight a less famous villain-actor in Fast 6 and Jason Statham in Fast 7.

Don’t worry, I had to look all of that up.

Looks like Toretto will be in an old Dodge Charger, as ever, with Michelle Rodriguez’s character in a Rally Fighter and Ludacris in a Howe & Howe Ripsaw. Tyrese Gibson stands out a little, even in that extreme lineup, in a bright-orange Lamborghini.

I mean, unless this thing wandered over from the Ghostbusters set?


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Dom easily gets his hands on like 100 chargers to do as he pleases, while im having issues trying to find 1 that doesnt want my kidney as a trade....