GM's New Tech Is Designed To Stop Everyone From Stealing Their Trucks

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports eight out of the top ten most commonly stolen vehicles are GM trucks. To assert the issue, the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe will be fitted with a host of new antitheft measures to keep their most popular products from ending up on KTLA police chases.

In what General Motors Vehicle Security lead Bill Biondo describes as "a layered approach to vehicle security," new standard features on the 2015 Tahoe include a steering column lock that deters push-away and tow-away theft and side cut keys that deter lock picking. Entry of potential thieves will be further deterred beefier lock cylinders and shields in the doors to block "slim jim" style forced-entry tools.


GM has also added hidden storage compartments including (thieves, scroll down very fast) one behind the infotainment screen. Third-row seats will now be bolted down, as apparently they're a hot commodity. They do however fold flat for transporting cargo.

For those who really want to lock down their rigs, Chevrolet's offering a Theft Protection Package on the Tahoe LT and LTZ that features glass breakage sensors, interior motion sensors, and a tilt sensor to trip the alarm if the vehicle is lifted off the ground or broken into.

Chevy also claims "additional features reinforce key control systems to make it more difficult to start or move the vehicle without an authorized key" but that sounds a little vague to me.

I'm sure this tech will be integrated to the Escalade and GM's pickups, which are notoriously targeted by thieves.

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Before we go back to the drawing board to try and reinvent the wheel, let's get back to basics and go with the tried and true methods, starting with metal door handles instead of PLASTIC ONES THAT YOU CAN SHOVE A SCREWDRIVER INTO AND THEN BEND TO PULL THE CONNECTING ROD TO UNLOCK THE DAMN DOOR AND DISABLE THE ENTIRE ALARM BECAUSE THE TRUCK THINKS IT WAS UNLOCKED WITH A KEY SO I NEVER GET WOKEN UP WHILE SOME THEIF RIFFLES THROUGH MY TRUCK FOR STUFF TO STEAL!

Why yes, I have had a truck broken into this way, why do you ask?