Beetleball is on!!!

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With a LeMans start (a sprint across the street on foot and then brief panic as you try to get the 40 year old Beetle to start) the 2009 Beetleball Long Beach to Las Vegas is underway!

In the cover of darkness this morning Beetles screamed out of the Queen Mary parking lot in Long Beach, California on their way to CheckPoint #1 in Amboy, California. Navigators nervously try to get their teams through the maze of Los Angeles freeways while drivers ignore their navigators and take "a short cut." Only time will tell which teams (if any) will make it to Las Vegas.

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Before the start I asked one driver how long he thought the little Volkswagens could travel before needing fuel. His response, "When the car quits, that's how far it can go." I don't think any truer automotive words have ever been spoken.

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I first thought they were going to be doing a Top Gear-style soccer match.