Want to get the latest updates on the Team Dungeons & Dragsters Capri? Looking to join a LeMons team with last-minute personnel shortages? The official 24 Hours Of LeMons Forums have finally gone live!

Trash-talking, parts-swapping, tips on judge-bribing etiquette, junkyard finds, car sales, the works- it's all there on the 24 Hours Of LeMons forums. Hoping to get behind the wheel of a hopeless junker a racin' thoroughbred at the Goin' For Broken race at Reno-Fernley in three weeks? Two teams have had members bail out, which means you'll have the opportunity to abrade the skin off your knuckles in the garage in numerous panic-stricken grimly determined all-night sessions of race-car wrenching prior to the race itself. See you there!

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