Because Overgrown Boys Still Love Drawing Can-Am Cars: Future Chaparral

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The Canadian-American Challenge Cup. Just thinking about those halcyon days of death-defying hypermotorsport makes our bowels begin to rumble and our head a bit light. When men were men and racing cars that did more than go in a straight line were propelled by big block Chevy mills. And while Jim Hall's clandestinely-supported team never dominated the series like Porsche did, there's no question that the Texas racer was the most innovative of the bunch. Plus, those white cars just looked ridiculously cool. GM Design Director Ed Wellburn slipped the Winding Road kids some sketches done by his team of what a modern Chaparral might look like. After all, is one really ever too old to doodle Can-Am racers?

GM Designer Sketches Chaparral of the Future [Winding Road]

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I don't care if Chaparral's not a GM brand.

BUILD THAT - as a concept, if nothing else.

I think it's high time for GM to start passing resources to Hall once again.

Chaparral 2L, anyone?

Use this design, an LS6 - or hell, LS9, et voila: instant American legend. Enough so that I'd forget about that Ford...what was it now, "gee-tee" or something like that?