"Beast of Turin" Racer up for Auction

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As if we needed more evidence that car racers in the first part of the last century had cojones the size of western Massachusetts, "La Bestioni" is going up for auction. The 1919 "Beast of Turin," a twin-seat boat-tail racer built on the frame of an American La France fire truck, is powered by a 14-liter six-cylinder airplane powerplant and reportedly has one of the earliest power steering (and power braking) systems in creation. We're not sure what the car's actual history is, or whether it had anything to do with Fiat's line of Turin "beasts" first built in 1911, but it's definitely a beast of one kind or another. Barrett-Jackson will put the old-tyme hot rod on the block at its Palm Beach auction during the weekend of March 29-April 1.

1919 La Bestioni Firetruck Hot Rod [Barrett-Jackson]

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