Be Batman! PhantomPark Underground Parking Can Turn Your Garage Into The Batcave

The PhantomPark: Now You See It, Now You Don't

We've seen these things in Manhattan before, just never seen one installed below-ground to turn a common mild-mannered one-car garage into a two-car superhero garage. The PhantomPark is a 2-deck vehicle parking system "rigidly bolted together in the field of operation by a heavy-duty scissors style lift designed to lift (2) 5,000 lb. vehicles at the same time." So what that means is you can have one big honkin' vehicle below ground, and one on top. The only problem we can think of is what if you hit the big red button shown in the video above when you've got your Porsche 911 on the top deck and you're looking to get your Chevy Aveo hot-hatch out from the depths below? We hope you don't end up getting squashed Porsche 911 — although wethinks maybe there's some kind of weight sensor of some sort to prevent just such a pancake.


PhantomPark [American Custom Lifts via OhGizmo via AutoBlog]

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BTW, I know 2 people who are not professional restorers/mechanics who have normal (and not this fancy-nancy-boy shite) lifts in their garage. One had a Miata on bottom and an Elan on top. Of course, to make room for his Elise in a 2 car garage. The daily drivers lived outside.