Bay Area Man Wantonly Mows Down Pedestrians

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There are two ways to bomb through San Francisco. One is to do it while listening to Lalo Schifrin music and either attempting to outrun a green Ford Mustang or catch a black Dodge Charger. This is the cool way to do so. The uncool way is to blast through town in a Honda SUV mowing down pedestrians who are minding their own business, which is exactly what one man did today.

Not surprisingly, Omeed Aziz Popal lived south of the Oakland city limits and was recently of the San Joaquin Valley. We swear, that whole segment of California should just cede itself to Nebraska. And its residents should, under no circumstances, be allowed over the Bay Bridge. Thankfully, the 909ers have yet to figure out where Pedro is, so we're safe for a bit longer. [Thanks to Scott and Daniel for the tip.]


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