An awful lot of what makes Batman great is that he's a really rich dude with an awesome car. This has been true for every periodic re-working of Batman, which brings up the question of which Batman had the awesomest car? And by awesomest, I mean fastest.


Having a Batmobile that's quick on the straights can be a huge advantage. What if a really quick crime was happening 1/4 mile in front of Batman? Those seconds would count in preventing your jewels from being heisted or your abdomen from being stabbed or whatever. You want a Batmobile to get there, pronto.

The folks at Super Power Beat Down understood this, and staged a race to find out which one was quicker, the original Ford Futura concept-car-based Batmobile or the 1989 reboot's custom GM-chassi'd Batmobile. They did this back in 2012, and while I somehow missed it then, the results are as valid as ever today.

Now we really need to get our hands on a Tumbler to find out the final answer.

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