Bat Hangs On For Dear Life During Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

Have we gone bat-s#!t mad? Another Planelopnik post? NASA spotted a little hairy, winged mammal grasping within an inch of its life during this weeks launch of the space shuttle. Could it have been Batman??

The bat clung to the external fuel tank of space shuttle Discovery during the final countdown to launch and clung on for the best ride of his life. NASA launch controllers first spotted the bat after it had already dugg in for its final resting place and they say that they were able to see it clearly using infrared cameras, which differentiated its 70 degree temperature from the 60 degree external tank.


Unfortunately, NASA had to also give us the gory bad news. So, no, there isn't a tiny bat in space right now. They claim that their on-staff wildlife expert says that it was a Free Tail Bat that likely had a broken wing and an issue with its shoulder. He went down with a blaze of glory shortly after the shuttle cleared the launch tower.

You'll always live on in our hearts little bat friend.

[via NASA]

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