Bask In The Sweet Serenity Of The Rolls-Royce Assembly Line

Rolls-Royce doesn’t have workers, it has craftsmen and women. But even as it keeps setting sales record after sales record, selling over 4,000 units in 2014, it still puts together its cars by hand. And the factory is still a quiet British oasis of good old-fashioned Work.

Okay, sure, they use robots for some paint work, but that beats an addled worker whose been around the paint a bit much. There’s no narration in this video, which I actually think makes it so much better. You get an actual feel for the sounds of the factory, the occasional knocking noise, the occasional whirr of a drill. The occasional guy spending a billion hours polishing one, single, solitary piece of wood.


I think they cut away from it because that would be the whole video. But there’s the guy who does all the pinstriping, and the person who makes your car uglier than sin. They’re all there.

No idea where these factory workers are though.

H/t to Ekaterina!

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