Bask In The Joy Of Children Watching Their School Bus Get Reamed By A Train

Being a Youth induces all sorts of wonderful logic. Brian will kiss you if you do a power slide, Lorraine will laugh at you if you ask her to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. And also, if your bus is completely destroyed by a train, there will be no school ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The meat of the video starts at around 40 seconds in:

The bus got caught on the rails in the Northern German town of Buxtehude, according to Der Spiegel, and all of the students on the bus made sure to get off of it before the train hit thanks to the heroic actions of Google Translate and either A) The Bus Driver:

Lower Saxony’s Minister of Culture Frauke Heiligenstadt, the 23-year-olds, according to NDR, written on behalf of the provincial government a letter of thanks. “You have made ​​a life-threatening situation, the right decisions, and left as soon as possible out of the bus, the children and youth,” it says, according to the transmitter in the letter.

Or B) Not The Bus Driver, And Actually Some Kid

Some of the students on the bus have a different perspective on things. A girl wrote on Facebook that driver did the group left in the dark and made no announcement. The woman had “quickly opened the doors” and leave one of the first people the bus.

The fact that the matter had got off lightly, the rapid response of a little boy was due to who had loudly screamed through the bus, a train zurase on the bus. Also, another student who filmed the crash, said his impression after the students have more self-help.

Children are the future, and one had the presence of mind to be all “hey guys, I think we’re gonna get hit by a train. And the bus driver just left.”

The police see no contradiction in both of these stories, as the bus driver opened the doors and apparently that’s good enough to count as a rescue these days.


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