Barrett-Jackson: Live Coverage of Hot BJ Action in Scottsdale!

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Yup, it's true — we'll have some live coverage of the Big BJ auction out in Scottsdale throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the morning. So if you're looking for the best in hot BJ action, look to Jalopnik as your place to turn. Or, you know, 7 Mile Rd and Woodward. But we digress — we'll be covering the auction action with the help of our friends at SPEED TV and the kind folks from Barrett-Jackson themselves, so strap yourselves in for a hot all-access auto auction afternoon of alliteration. We'll see the next salvo fired in the Muscle Car Wars with the first 2008 Dodge Challenger off the line going heads-up against a very special Shelby GT500KR (no, not KITT — it's not that special). We'll also be seeing the first "retailable" 2009 Corvette ZR1 gaveled off as well as some other noted notables. Oh, and did we mention Robosaurus? Follow all the 2008 Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson action live from our tag page at the link above — or just keep refreshing here for all the action.


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Been getting hot BJ action since Tues night, Ray, and every night since.

Prices seem down across the board. No $2 million Hemi 'cudas or $5 million Cobras. Only real high dollar deal went down last night when Tony Stewart sold a race winning car to benefit Darrell Gwynn's charity for $300,000. Not only did Tony throw in the car, but a drivers suit, race helmet and a Super Bowlesque NASCAR championship ring worth $25,000. All was bought by megasupermillionaire car collector Ron Pratte, who also donated $100,000 to Gwynn's deal before the auction.

No Plymouth Fire Arrows or Ford Granadas seen yet. Good thing a nice '79 Toyota Celica Supra hasn't crossed the block as I'd be all over it.