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Investigators from NHTSA stopped the GM Heritage Center from auctioning off near-classics, fearing some buyers would try to register cars for the street.


The idea behind the auction was to free up some cash for GM by auctioning some near-classic cars like the 1-millionth Saturn. Among these vehicles were a few concept cars and other vehicles which had to be sold with salvage titles so no one would try to drive them on the street. This is a fairly normal practice and, according to Barrett-Jackson and GM, the companies were up front about this.

So why did G-Men stop the auction? The NHTSA were concerned people would try to register these vehicles for the street, though haven't given any indication why they think this. The relevant NHTSA offices are closed for Easter, so for now we'll have to wait and see if this is a case of overreaction or if the feds were onto something. It seems GM can't even sell cars to people lining up to buy them at auction. [Edmunds: Straightline

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