Barrett-Jackson: Caroll Shelby's 1969 Shelby GT500 Convertible

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It's Caroll Shelby's personal '69 GT500 convertible and it just went up for sale here at the big BJ. That's right — a '69 at a BJ. It's been parked in the Mustang main man's garage since 1969. One owner — and one buyer today's getting it. Bidding started in the $100,000 range and quickly skyrocketed up into the half a million range, and then finally settled in for a final winning bid of $675,000 to collector Ron Pratte — who appears to be buying up absolutely everything with Shelby's name on it that he can get his hands on. Full Barrett-Jackson description after the jump.

"Mustang Monthly" July 2001 issue listed this car as the number one car on top of their "Top 10 Dream Cars" to own. A 1960's Shelby Cobra Mustang that has been owned by Carroll Shelby since new. A 5-year concours rotisserie restoration by nationally known Shelby restorer Jim Cowles completed in September 2007. Carroll Shelby only owns one other Shelby from the 1960's since new and that is the first Shelby AC Cobra, CSX2000.


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@Charles_Barrett: ...and speaking of BJ's...