Barbarella Le Mans: Piper GTR Replica

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Le Mans history geeks will recall the Piper GTR as a sort of ungainly space-age prototype — built from a sandwich of plywood and fiberglass — that failed to qualify for the 24 Hours in 1969. The Lotus-engined original has given way to a replica by Piper Cars. The doppelganger's made from glass fiber-reinforced polyester (GRP), with polycarbonate windows, over a tubular space frame chassis. The company's planning two versions, a street model and a track-day variant, both of which will take standard Ford Duratec engines and related transmissions, and both are fitted with centrally mounted aluminum fuel tanks. The race-tuned model will offer more flexiblity to accept a range of engine and brake setups based on championship or series entered. A roller will cost from 28,000. Having a car that reminds everyone of the Durango 95 from "A Clockwork Orange": Priceless.

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[Piper Racing Cars]

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