Barack Obama Thinks The Shelby GT500 Is "Sick"

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President Barack Obama took time out from watching the Republican field eviscerate each other in Florida to visit the Washington D.C. Auto Show. He sat in roughly six cars, but seemed to focus on the 2013 Shelby GT500, which he apparently called "sick." Right on, Mr. President.


All the cars were American, including the 2013 Ford Fusion and Dodge Dart, as well as the awesomely 'Merican Corvette ZR1. Still, the Mustang totally won him over according to the Detroit News's David Shepardson.

He first joked "This is what I needed in high school" and later added "This is sick*" to his assessment. He probably also said some stuff about hybrids but who really cares?

*He may have also said "this is a stick" but that's way less fun.

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FYI there is NO WAY this "sick car" will hit your 54.5 MPG combined EPA rating, thanks for killing muscle cars