Bangin' Cortina for the Material Girl

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Those of you who aren't Anglophiles may not quite get the hold that the Ford Cortina has on the collective British imagination. Madge, as one of the more ridiculously devout Brit-rimmers we've run across, undoubtedly understands the car's place in the nation's heart. For all we can say about the woman, we've gotta admit that she's savvy. In her latest homage to her adopted culture, she's enlisted the producers of Pimp My Ride to bling out a 'Tina as some sort of rags-to-riches analogue. We're kinda scared, and so is the UK's Sun obviously, given the pure-conjecture Max Power/DUB/Street Rodder image they've come up with.


Don't cry for me Ford Cortina [The Sun, UK]

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