We've heard a lot about Somali pirates over the last few years, but you know who has really been making a comeback? Bandits. Bandits stole $50 million worth of diamonds off a plane in Belgium. Now bandits have taken $2.6 million out of an armored car in Northern Italy.

Apparently the bandits blocked the road in Northern Italy near Switzerland which caused the armored trucks to stop. The bandits then lit the trucks on fire (as you do) and used charges to get into the vehicle where they then took the $2.6 million.

Like the heist in Brussels, nobody was injured in this one and the bandits got away lickety split. They left nails all over the road behind them so the polizia and carabinieri wouldn't be able to catch them.

So, if you're in Switzerland and see any rough-and-tumble folks with kerchiefs, millions to spare, and six shooters on the belt buckle, they might be the bandits everyone is looking for.