Baltimore Bus Driver Caught On Video Violently Attacking A Girl Passenger

Once more, a bus driver was caught on video getting into a fight with a passenger. This time it was in Baltimore, and the petty offense came from a girl playing music too loudly.


The middle-aged bus driver apparently stopped the bus to get the unnamed teenage girl to stop playing loud music. According to the witness who video'd the fight, the girl got up to get off the bus when the driver grabbed her and the two started to fight.

"When she parked the bus, everything just went from zero to 60–that fast–to the argument," the witness said when speaking to CBS Baltimore.


The girl walked away dazed, with scratches and a bite mark on her arm. The bus driver exited the affair with a formal suspension by the Maryland Transit Authority.

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Eric Siedlecki

It's rather sickening to see all of the people with their smartphones out recording, rather than trying to stop the fight.