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Back in the heady muscle-car days, Chevrolet dealers could use something called Central Office Production Orders (COPO) to top off Camaros and Chevelles (and anything else they wanted to) with non-standard motors of the big-block persuasion. Among the dealers best known for marketing such high-performance tuners were Pennsylvania's Yenko Chevrolet and Long Island's Baldwin Chevrolet. The first created the ZL-1 Camaro, which can now grab seven figures at auction, while the second sold what it called Phase III Supercars in partnership with a local speed shop, Motion Performance, under the Baldwin-Motion banner. History lesson over. The Baldwin-Motion mojo returned last year with a $427,000 high-concept Camaro displayed at the 2005 SEMA show by Motion LLC, founded by the original owners of Motion Performance. Now, the company is offering new Phase III Camaros, priced in the Aston Martin range; a bargain considering the price of an original is in the Van Gogh range.

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