Illustration for article titled Backseat Nav/Entertainment Screen Distracts NYers from Cabbie Hoonage

It was just like old times! On the eve of the New York Auto Show, several Jalopnik staffers hopped into a cab, called out an address—and immediately felt the familiar sensation of a Ford Crown Vic having its pedal jammed to the metal. Gotta love NYC cab drivers. As we were being tossed hither and yon in the back seat, we noticed that...NYC cabs now have nav/entertainment systems for he benefit of passengers.


Luckily, our gadget expert, Travis, was among our number. He quickly mastered the system by randomly stabbing at the touchscreen while our driver hooned across lower Manhattan. In the old days, all that you would have had back there for entertainment was the lingering aroma of puke from the last drunk to take a ride. As for nav, you had your wits. And blind trust.


Those days are gone for good. God only knows what they'll come up with to keep us occupied in the next generation of yellow hacks.

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