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Have we ever mentioned that we hate Axl Rose? G 'n' R is probably the most overrated 1980s band, and the fact that the man had a guy on the side of the stage to blow cooling, drying air on his crotch on the side of the stage during performances illustrates how ridiculous this fool is. Duff McKagan, however, is cool because his pancreas exploded and he was the original drummer for the Fastbacks. But it's not about Duff here, it's about Waxl, who's suing a Beverly Hills car dealer for selling his Ferrari Maranello and not getting him the Gallardo and 911 GT3 that he asked for. We're as afraid of Axl's wrath as we are of Chinese Democracy. Friends, that's fear.

Axl Rose Sues Beverly Hills Car Dealer [San Jose Mercury news]

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