Awful Australian Texts, Hits Cyclist With Car, Says She "Doesn't Care"

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A 21-year old Australian woman who texted on her phone 44 times while driving on a short errand hit a cyclist, severely injured him, and was then quoted as saying she just didn't care. And she's only losing her license for 9 months, though she'll likely be a steaming pile of crap the rest of her life.

The incident happened near Koroit, in Western Victoria. After striking the cyclist from behind, fracturing his spine and more, she neglected to help him and instead parked 300 feet away and called police. She was later quoted as telling police,

"I just don't care because I've already been through a lot of bullshit and my car is like pretty expensive and now I have to fix it. I'm kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car. I don't agree that people texting and driving could hit a cyclist. I wasn't on my phone when I hit the cyclist."

Oh, the car was pretty expensive? You should have said so! Please, please, accept my apologies for wasting your time, ma'am.

The woman sent and received 22 texts between seven different phones on her short drive. She'll have her license back in under a year. She's unremorseful, and all-around awful. I hope some marsupials crap all over her stupid car, for eternity.