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Avoid Death By Driving Out Of The Kill Zone

Tactical driver training focuses on one thing and one thing only: staying alive. This video gives an inside look at how armed forces and security companies save lives behind the wheel.

The video below was produced by's Kit Up equipment blog and shows two journalists in the midst of driver training at International Training Incorporated. There isn't a lot of dialogue, but you do get to watch a battered Toyota wagon make the world's slowest J-turn. Also, a Saab gets rammed and a Ford Taurus is spun by another car. Oh, sweet destruction.

(Hat tip to Robert!) [Kit Up]


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And they make the the mistake of using suburbans in so many instances; proper handling can save lives. Didn't anyone learn anything from "Patriot Games"? If you aren't traveling into a hot zone without Harrison Ford, you shouldn't be traveling into that situation.