AutoSpies Booted From New York Auto Show

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Apparently Acura didn't find AutoSpies posting a "reader-submitted" image of the Acura ZDX ahead of yesterday's unveil all that funny. As a result, New York Auto Show security tossed AutoSpies' Don Buffamanti from the show.

According to Autospies, their properly credentialed on-site "Agent 001," a.k.a. Don Buffamanti, was approached by auto show PR representative Chis Sams with security officers in tow and asked to relinquish his media badge. He was then escorted off the premises. Pretty funny if you ask us. Maybe next time he'll realize that when you do stupid things, you have to deal with the consequences. We know we realized that a long time ago.


It didn't stop us, but we're certainly prepared for the consequences. Silly AutoSpies. [AutoSpies]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Man, I sure hope NYAS doesn't have a camera inside our toilets at work, because I'm about to unveil Acura's entire 2011 lineup.