Autoextremist Upset About Porsche Detroit Snub

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Denizens of the Motown are proud of their city. And we understand why. It's a great place with plenty of friendly people and lots of good food. But Detroit has one problem — when it comes to cars, it still thinks that it's the center of the universe. The Brucemeisters at Porsche obviously don't see it that way, leading Peet to totally castigate the company. But we ask you this, while Detroit is unquestionably still the king of the North American auto shows, LA saw a vast improvement this year. We wouldn't be surprised if the LA show begins to steal more and more of Detwa's thunder. Because who wants to go to Detroit in January when one can be in Los Angeles in the late fall? Will LA take the crown from Detroit? Discuss amongst yourselves.


Porsche cuts off its nose. [Autoextremist]

Porsche at the Detroit Auto Show: Less Precision or World Domination?; Porsche to be a No-Show in Detroit [Internal]


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Some of my favorite quotes about the 2006 LA Auto Show:

"If I have to pick, I'll pick Detroit every time...but this is a nice show"

-Rebecca Lindland

Auto Analyst, Global Insight, Lexington, Mass.

"It's the best Los Angeles auto show in decades, but that's like saying it's the healthiest man in intensive care."

-Jim Hall

Vice President, Industry Analysis


"This is a huge improvement...I've been to eight or nine L.A. shows, and this is by far the best. It's not likely to ever overshadow Detroit, though."

-Bob Armendariz

Editor, Su Periodico

Colorado Springs

"There's an opportunity for all the first-tier shows to carve out their own niches. A focus on environmental technologies and design could be a natural niche for the show here...but Detroit has a lock coverage"

-Elke Martin

President, Brandware Public RelationsAnd now, feel free to add this:

"As long as US automakers are still building more than 40% of vehicles sold in the United States, the LA show holds no threat to the North American International Auto Show. But if sales drop below that number, all bets are off and LA stands best at the ready to take the crown. Until that time however, they'll be Detroit's li'l bitch."

-Ray Wert

Senior Editor,