Autoextremist Not Hot For Wiedeking

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Sweet Peet fires a few shots across Wendelin's bow in this week's tirade, calling the Cayenne an abject failure and current Porsche management a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats who've essentially pissed away Porsche's legacy. We're not so sure about that. Cayenne sales certainly have reached the saturation point; everyone who wants one has one. But the His Sweetness continually talks about Wiedeking's faithlessness to Dr. Porsche's legacy. Lest we forget, ol' Ferdinand designed tractors and tanks. Porsche, like Honda, is an engineering company, and while the Cayenne is ungainly and not something we would ever buy, it is an engineering feat. We'd probably buy a Tiger tank, though. Actually, we'd totally buy a Tiger tank and roll through the streets of Modesto cranking Wilson Pickett.


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Nice graphic of the Tiger tank — based on this and others graphics I have noticed which one of you has the model collection?

Note that the actual tank designed by Porsche (commonly referred to as the "Porsche Tiger") lost the contract to this Tiger tank, but he did have some success in designing a turret used on the King Tiger (commonly referred to as the "Porsche Turret").

I agree, I would definitely love to have a Tiger tank for my daily commute!