Autoextremist: Next Corvette to be Mid-Engined?

Sweet Peet D. has pronounced that with the C7, the Corvette will diversify — with the regular edition getting lighter and scoring a smaller-displacement V8 option in addition to evolutions of the current mill — but the real pants-kicker is that they're apparently considering a hyper-limited mid-engined model. According to His Sweetness:

"Then look for an extremely limited production run (less than 500) of an advanced, mid-engined Corvette that will play in the plus six-figure category - and deliver blistering performance that will surpass exotic sports cars from around the world costing hundreds of thousands more. This will be the technological 'statement' car from GM that the 'True Believers' within the corporation have long been waiting for."


Why is this a Corvette at all? Why not make it a Cadillac? And how much you wanna bet the interior will still be roughly as inspiring as an aged goat's colon? Also, that man really has a way with the unnecessary quotation marks, doesn't he?

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