Let us say right now that he have an extreme psychological aversion to golf. This may have something to do with ex-girlfriends and/or fianc s. It may have something to do to our aversion to shirts with collars that do not button all the way down the front. It most definitely does have something to do with the fact that in our experience, people who golf have generally proven themselves untrustworthy to us, and in a few instances have pulled seriously dishonest maneuvers.

Yes, this is a generalization, but we are largely suspect when we meet anyone with anything more than a passing affinity for the game. Essentially, and we will come right out and say this, we believe golf is a sport for assholes. Then again, car companies are filled with such people, so it's no surprise that upper management at the automakers has generally rooted for golf-oriented ad campaigns. Sweet Peet D. digs back into the archives, pulls a Clarissa, and explains it all.

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