Autoexremist, er, Autoexcremist, er Autoextremist: Hey, Ho, Eberhardt Must Go!

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The Peet that's Sweet and Fun to Eat has chimed in on the "Joe Eberhardt is a pox on Chrysler...or is he?" debate, and he's most definitely come down on the side of the pox. Peet's plan for Chysler Group's salvation? Bring back Wolfgang now that Herr Doktor "Your vife, my vife" Winterkorn has taken the big chair at VW, make LaSorda COO, shunt Eberhardt back over to Mercedes-Benz and can current COO Eric Ridenour. After that? Fre a bunch of people and stop doing things like the Aspen and the Sebring.


Desperation in Auburn Hills [Autoextremist]

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Rabbi Dave

i like his rundown of DCX flops. When you look at Ford and GM they really haven't flopped with anything recently. They might not be as successful as they could have but not outright flops like the Commander, Compass, Aspen, Sebring (we'll have to wait til the vert hits in summer to see if it really flops). Luckily DCX had good products too like the Nitro, Caliber etc. or they'd be in worse trouble.

Ford? Just the Fusion and Edge. Can't go that wrong with either one. Sure, they might be inactive with the next focus but at least they didn't rush anything into flip status.

GM? New Trucks, big SUVs and Crossovers are all excellent. With new cars middle of the road (aura). The next batch of small crossovers (new Vue) will do well I'm betting especially if they continue the improvements. But what was a flop? The solstice could be more livable but its still doing well. I'm also not including the cobalt and aveo cause they still sell pretty well.

So DCX looks to be the only "flopping" one of the big 2.5 and this is after all that success just a couple of years ago.